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What insurance is coverd during events activities

Bali group organizer medical insurance is cover for all participants who add an optional insurance. We arrange the insurance for whole activities and it would be charged for a one fee.

Bali Group Organizer

License No. 551.21/1419/I/Disparda
ASITA MEMBER : 0453/ XVII / DPP / 2011

Address:Jl. Raya kampus Udayana (Poh Gading Timur) no. 10 A Jimbaran, Bali – Indonesia 80364
Phone, Telephone+62 361 8953599
Fax, Facimile+62 361 8953598
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Bali Group Organizer is proud to provide the great insurance covering medical fee occur during the activities that booked through us. Every costumer who books the activities via Bali Group Organizer will be covered by the medical insurance. All of our partners are also providing the medical insurances to secure all of our customers on their activities, however the nominal of insurances are subject to the respective company policy. Our medical insurance will not be responsibility for all activities done behind of our control and /or conducting the activities at other companies that has been covered by separate insurances.

Bali Group Organizer Medical Insurance

Premium Computation:Group Personal Accident
Occupation of Insured:Guest of PT. Bewish International Tour
Scope of Coverage:Worldwide Coverage
Maximum Sum Insured per person:USD 50,000.-
Coverage and Benefits:ADD – Accident Death and Disablement
To cover the insured persons against death and permanent disablement caused by violent accident external and visible means and as a result of an accident on the said period.


      • Accident Death: pays 100% of the principal sum insured
      • Permanent Total Disablement: pays 100% of the principal sum insured
      • Permanent Partial Disablement: pays of percentage of the principal sum as per AIU Scale
AMR – Accident Medical Reimbursement:
To reimburse the insured persons based on actual and reasonable medical cost, for necessary medical or surgical treatments including hospitalization as a result of an accident on the said period. Pays maximum 10% of the principal sum insured.

Bali Group Organizer medical insurance:


What is covered

  • Strikes, Riot, Civil Commotion
  • Suffocation by Smoke, Poisonous Fumes, Gas and Drowning
  • Drink and Food Poisoning
  • Exposure and Disappearance
  • Murder and Assault
  • Motorcycling and Motorboat risk
  • Cover for chartered and other non- schedule Flights Excluding Helicopter Flight
  • Sport Activity other than professional
  • Terrorism and Sabotage
  • Evacuation and Repatriation up to maximum USD 5,000 per person

General Exclusions


What is excluded

  • Any consequence of war; civil war, invasion, revolution; insurrection, use military power or usurpation of government power
  • Any lost caused by biological, chemical or nuclear terrorism
  • Helicopter flying risk
  • A participant in any criminal act
  • Intentional self-inflicted injury, provoked assault, intoxication, alcohol/drugs abuse and any kind (unless prescribed by a qualified and registered medical practitioner)
  • Insured person in serving in the Armed Forces or any country or international, whether in peace or war
  • Driving or riding in any kind of race involving motorized vehicles
  • As a professional capacity in any kind of sport or when an insured person would or could earn income or remuneration from engaging in such support
  • Sickness or disease, any gradually operating cause, naturally occurring condition or degenerative process
  • Pregnancy, childbirth, miscarriage, or any complication related thereto
  • Any prior physical disability/impairment condition
Upper Age Limit:Cover will cease in respect of the Insured Person on the Annual Renewal Date following their 70th birthday

Hospital Recommendation

bimc, hospital, baliBIMC – Bali International Medical Center
Address:Jln. Baypass Ngurah Rai 100X, Kuta 8036, Bali – Indonesia
Telp. +62-361-761263 and Fax: +62-361-764345
prima medikaPrima Medika Hospital
Address: Jln. Pulau Serangan no. 9X Denpasar, Bali Indonesia
Telp: +62-361-236225 and Fax: +62-361-236203
sos, international, hospitalINTERNATIONAL SOS
Address: Jln. Baypass Ngurah Rai 505X, Kuta 80361, Bali Indonesia
24 hours alarm center: +62-361-710505 and Clinic: +62-361-720100
sanglah hospital3SANGLAH HOSPITAL


Address: Jalan Diponegoro Denpasar Bali (80114) – Indonesia
Tel. (0361) 227911-15, 225 482, Fax. (0361) 224206

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