NAOS Group Beach Team Building

NAOS Group Beach Team Building

NAOS Group Experience Beach Team Building in Bali

NAOS Group is one of our customers who has enjoyed the Beach Team Building activities in Bali. Bali Group Organizer has designed this team-building activity by accommodating their needs to build strong and solid teamwork. Furthermore, we present several challenges in the form of games in the beach area of the Conrad Hotel. We have designed this exciting activity with the best game selections that build togetherness and unite their vision. Really, this activity is very useful for them and able to arouse enthusiasm and improve communication with each other. Our team building activities lasted about 2 hours because of the limited time they have. However, this has a very positive impact on where each participant feels happy and united as well as being in a team.

Event Date: 19 July 2019

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Bali Beach Team Building

We have offered several choices of team building activities as well as the most popular in Bali for the NAOS Group. However, due to time constraints, they have chosen beach team building. For this reason, we have designed these activities perfectly and brought them into exciting activities through our challenging games.

Ice Breaking Session

As usual, we started with the warm-up stage with a few games. This aims to warm the relationship with each other. Likewise, this can arouse their energy for unity.

Competition Phase with Amazing Race Games

The atmosphere began to improve with energetic movements for each participant. Furthermore, they have entered into each team to compete through challenging games. Meanwhile, our game master provides guidance and guides them to complete each game according to the goals we set. So, this is really exciting and fun.

Olympic Game Phase

After returning from the break phase, we give a challenging game back in a different form. All the games that we provide can be completed perfectly. Therefore, we congratulate them on their success today.

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