Bali Group Organizer Payment Policy

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Payment Policy of Bali Group Organizer

Payment Policy of Bali Group Organizer is important information and guideline for our clients when dealing with the event with us to make the group event run smoothly and successfully. Bali Group Organizer is a legal event organizer company and a sister company of PT. Bewish International Tour. All businesses you did through Bali Group Organizer are legal and you can do the transaction with us safely. We are delighted to offer several ways to settle your payment through Bali Group Organizer where you can find detail on this page. This payment policy is a guideline for our clients who book the event services online or offline with options on payment terms. Bank transfer is first recommended on the payment method for security reasons as well as big amounts of transactions. Should any other accidental transaction on the spot, it would be reverted to the credit card or cash.

Bali Group Organizer

All payments for group arrangements must be made in advance to secure your booking and ensure our service can be served properly. Therefore, we provide the payment policy below. 

Bank Transfer

  • For big amount of settlement, we recommend you to settle the payment through Bank Transfer
  • For bank transfer, we can receive the money with three different currencies includes Rupiah (Rp), American Dollar (US$) and Singapore Dollar (SGD).
  • You can send your money through our bank account where you will get the detail address on our confirmation or invoices.
  • Please ensure you type clearly without mistyping each word on the bank transfer slip to ensure your money goes correctly and fast.
  • Please ensure you type the following information that our bank needed:
    • Bank Name
    • Branch Office /Address
    • Swift Code
    • Account Number
  • Send your money in a full amount based on our invoices and all fees occur cause of these transactions will be your liability
  • After completing to send your money, please send a copy of bank transfer slip to us through email attachment so that our account department able to recheck to our bank accordingly
  • We will issue the official receipt from our company and send it to you when the money arrived at our respective bank account

Our Bank Account

JL By Pass Ngurah Rai No 74 Nusa Dua Bali
( USD ) Account No77-20-6667-87
( IDR ) Account No77-20-8785-55

Western Union

  • Transaction through Western Union can be done by your own currency, however we only able to receive it in Rupiah, the Indonesian currency.
  • We will give you the invoice with the amount of Rupiah that has been converted by our company exchange rate.
  • We are only able to receive the total amount stated on our invoice and if there are any other charges that occur cause of transfer fee and the fluctuation exchange rate will be your liability.
  • After the transaction has been completed, we strongly require MTCN code (Money Transfer Control Number) that has been produced by Western Union at your places of transaction.

How to pay through Western Union?

  1. Please go to the local Western Union Agent nearby from your place.
  2. Ensure that you have brought the following  data as follows:
    • The receiver’s location : (our location in Bali, Indonesia)
    • Your identification
    • Cash money
  3. Please complete the Western Union Form:
    • Write down the name of a person who receives your money here.
    • Total amount correctly based on our invoice.
    • City and the country where your money will be picked up. Our City is Bali and the country is Indonesia.
  4. Please present your ID to the present clerk including the following data:
    1. Your complete form
    2. Your government-issued ID (if applicable)
    3. Payment including fee
  5. Once your payment has been completed, you will get the MTCN Code from your Western Union Agent.
  6. Please send your MTCN Code to our email address:
  7. Congratulation! Your payment has been done.

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