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Lalamove Group Experienced on Garden Villa Team-building

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Event Date 10 April 2019
Customer Lalamove
Category Incentive Travel
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Lalamove Group Event

Lalamove is an on-demand logistics company that came to Bali for an incentive trip and held villa team-building with 21 employees. They supplemented their activities with team-building events at the property. They appointed us to deliver team development services. As a result, we have supplied these services with fun and challenging activities. Aside from that, team-building activities at this Villa have provided them other benefits. Our team building can help you create a solid and reliable team. Meanwhile, they appear to be eager to complete each of these activities. As a result, this activity can foster community and delight for all participants.

In addition, on April 10, 2019, the Lalamove group has participated in this team-building activity. The event was vibrant and dynamic, and it taught many things. This can guide those who want to host a villa team-building event. As an outcome, you should not hesitate to contact our staff for a proposal. Conversely, you can learn about our experience managing group events in Bali in 2019.

Bali Villa Team Building – Lalamove

The Lalamove group is included in a small group of only 21 people. So this makes it easy for us to arrange the team-building agenda in the Villa. Come on, let’s see what their activities are at the Villa located in Canggu Bali.

Ice Breaking at Poolside

As usual, we started team-building activities with various ice-breaking games. This is to arouse their enthusiasm to join in this activity. So they can complete every game we set.

Bali Villa Treasure Hunt Game

We have given several challenges in the form of treasure hunt games in the villa area. Furthermore, they are only armed with clues to look for treasure scattered in the villa area. Treasure Hunt Game in the Villa is an inspiring activity where they struggle to find treasure and complete the game.

Bali Villa Amazing Race Games

Now, the game session continues to the garden in the villa. We have designed amazing race games with many challenges to collect points. So, fantastic race games in this villa are fascinating.

Team Building in Swimming Pool

The last game series is in the swimming pool. Furthermore, we designed two games in the swimming pool, forcing them to jump into the water. We have set several challenges, and they must solve them in a certain period. After all the games ended, they finally had lunch together in a Joglo building inside the villa.

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