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Enjoy Bali ATV Riding Treasure Hunt Team Building

Medtronic International Treasure Hunt ATV Riding Team Building
Event Date05 July 2014
CustomerMedtronic International
CategoryIncentive Travel
Medtronic, Treasure Hunt, ATV Riding, Team Building, Ice Breaking

Medtronic International Group Event History

Medtronic International is the world’s largest medical technology firm, with an unprecedented range and depth of revolutionary solutions. They sent 17 employees to Bali for incentive trips and hired a Bali Group Organizer to organize a Treasure Hunt team-building event, including ATV riding. We completed a team-building activity with thrilling experiences. They have explored the natural world, jungle, wild bushes, and the Rocky River with extreme challenges while riding an ATV. Medtronic International is one of our satisfied clients, and we can use them as group references in 2014.

Ice Breaking Games

The first session is Ice-Breaking. We provide three fun games to warm them up and inspire them to compete with others. In this case, our game master divides the group into smaller groups.

Fun Race Games

We continue with the race game session after the warm-up session. We provide them with tasks to complete each game. Participants must work hard, communicate effectively, and cooperate in teams to attain their goals.

ATV Riding Treasure Hunt

We begin our genuine journey with ATV riding lessons. Before embarking on the trip, each member can test drive the vehicle. They ventured into the wilderness, exploring rice paddy lands, tiny rivers, and jungles. This is a thrilling and adventurous adventure. Similarly, we have set up unique games on the tract. At the same time, they must complete it to call their mission a success.

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