Ubud MAP

Ubud Map is a wide picture landscape about Ubud area completed by the location of tourist destination, hotels, bars, restaurant and other tourist attractions. The village famous a tourist place in Bali featured by the cool temperatures, strong traditions and strategic location in the tourist destination area. Many of hotels, luxury villas, restaurants and beautiful boutique shops are available in this village as well as other tourist attractions such as Balinese dance performances, white water rafting, cycling, Zoo Park and others are just located nearby. Bali Group Organizer provides details Map of Ubud Village to encourage you to discover the address or spots of interest in this village.

Direction of the map

The map also show the direction clearly to reach the tourist destination includes Kintamani, Goa Gajah, Tampak Siring etc. The map covers the area from the west is Kedewatan Village until to the east Pejeng Village. Meanwhile the north side up to Tegalalang which is famous with beautiful rice terrace, meanwhile the southern are is Lod Tunduh Village.

Ubud Map

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Ubud Map



Behind of Ubud Map, We are also proud to provide the list of maps area in Bali which you can discover through the link below:

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