Weebz Mandiri Bali Incentive Trip

Weebz Mandiri Bali Incentive Trip

PT Weebz Mandiri Experience on Bali Incentive Trip with Team Building Activity

The group from PT Weebz Mandiri experienced with 33 staff including management level to Bali incentive trip. They have appointed Bali Group Organizer as the only event planner who takes care of all their travel agendas. Furthermore, we have designed their program perfectly so that everything went smoothly and successfully. In addition, we have also designed exclusive activities and brought them into extraordinary experiences. And also, they chose accommodation in Ubud in line with activities that we designed to explore the beautiful nature of Bali. Cycling Treasure Hunt, Garden Team Building and white water rafting are a perfect combination and give 3 different experiences in one day.

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They have explored Bali while joining team building activities. And also, they take advantage of the free time to explore Ubud village which is famous for its artistic centre of Bali. Their experience runs from January 25 to January 27, 2019. This is truly an amazing experience and this has become one of the reference group events in Bali. You are also very easy to find our experience in handling group events during 2019 on our site.

Weebz Mandiri Group Experience in Bali

Arrival and Ubud Exploration

This experience began with their pickup at the domestic airport by our team and headed straight to Ubud. Since their arrival on a slow morning, the first destination is a restaurant on the edge of rice fields to enjoy Balinese food. After the check-in process, they roamed Ubud village freely and relaxed.

Cycling Treasure Hunt on Bali incentive trip

Ice Breaking and Warming Up

We have a warm-up session before continuing with team building activities with several ice-breaking games. These games are very exciting and able to arouse their enthusiasm. Also, this game only lasts 15 minutes before going to the next activity.

Cycling Treasure Hunt Game Start

This is truly a very exciting experience. They pedalled mountain bikes through green rice fields with amazing views. Furthermore, this cycling treasure hunt passes through the path of paving in the jungle with tropical trees surrounding it.

First Stop with Challenging Games

We have given a challenge for each team to collect points. Furthermore, a game that utilizes teamwork must be completed. Otherwise, they will not get a clue to move next.

Amazing Garden Team Building

We provide several challenges that are packaged in exciting and fun games. This garden team building activity has had a significant impact on all participants. In fact, this can build strong and solid team collaboration, improve communication and ultimately increase work productivity.

Jungle Cycling Experience

Furthermore, their adventure continues to explore beautiful villages, rice fields, and jungles. Meanwhile, they must find clues throughout the trip. So, they can complete the games. Finally, this team building game ends at a local restaurant.

White Water Rafting Adventure

After lunch, the adventure continued with white water rafting on the beautiful Ayung River. This adventure takes a distance of 8 km for 2 hours with 2 rapid levels. Finally, today’s adventure ends and has dinner together at a restaurant in Ubud as a closing agenda.

Group Departure

Today is their last day in Bali. They spend time traveling in the city of Ubud. After that, our tour guide picks them up and takes them to the airport.

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