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About Bali Group Organizer: Bali’s Premier Event Planner.

Bali Group Organizer is Bali’s leading event planner, creating unforgettable experiences that combine creativity and precision flawlessly. We transform ordinary experiences into remarkable memories via an unflinching dedication to excellence. Our trained team’s considerable local understanding guarantees that every aspect, whether a corporate event, wedding celebration, or special occasion, is crafted to perfection. From gorgeous settings to unique themes, our customized solutions meet various requirements while consistently exceeding expectations. We combine parts of Bali’s rich culture and magnificent surroundings into each event, creating an indelible impression on attendees. The legacy of Bali Group Organizer is in making dreams come true, establishing the standard for unparalleled event organizing on this magical island.

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Bali Group Organizer is a dependable event organizer headquartered on the island of Bali. We offer a wide range of group services to encourage one-stop shopping for group arrangements. Furthermore, we commit to providing our finest quality services for every group arrangement, with exceptional performances, well-organized and planned, and supported by experienced and well-trained personnel.

  • Seminar, Meetings and Conferences
  • Incentive Trip Programs
  • Team Building and Other Outdoor Activities
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or Community Services
  • Gala Dinner or Offsite Dinner
  • Educational Student Tours

Our objective at Bali Group Organizer is to innovate event experiences by effortlessly combining creativity, precision, and cultural authenticity. As a top Bali event planner, we are committed to creating amazing moments that transcend the ordinary, leaving an unforgettable imprint on each guest’s memories. We take pride in crafting personalized events that reflect the unique character of Bali while exceeding the highest international standards, guided by our commitment to excellence.

Crafting Unforgettable Moments: Bali Group Organizer’s Approach to Event Excellence

Our purpose goes beyond event planning to include a profound appreciation for Bali’s rich cultural heritage and natural beauty. It accepts the obligation of highlighting the island’s distinctiveness while preserving its integrity. We create authentic events via rigorous preparation, unique concepts, and attention to every detail. Our experienced team of specialists combines local knowledge with global perspectives to ensure that each event embodies the spirit of Bali in a modern and fascinating way.

Our objective remains constant, whether it’s a corporate event, a fantasy wedding, or a unique occasion. We create events that meet and exceed our client’s expectations, translating concepts into tangible realities. Bali Group Organizer is a testimonial to our hard work. In addition, we are constantly striving to raise the bar in event planning, setting new industry benchmarks for originality, professionalism, and ethical behavior.

bali gala dinner, special dinner
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Leading the Way in Innovative Event Planning

Our vision at Bali Group Organizer is to be the leading event planner in Bali, known for creating remarkable experiences that leave an unforgettable impression on every guest. We want to be the go-to spot for individuals looking for expertly produced events that combine innovation, cultural authenticity, and unrivalled quality. With a commitment to pushing limits and exceeding expectations, we envision a future in which Bali Group Organizer is synonymous with event planning expertise.

We see ourselves constantly setting new industry benchmarks, introducing cutting-edge concepts, and embracing the essence of Bali’s rich legacy in this vision. We aspire to produce events that commemorate our clients’ objectives and capture the heart of the island’s beauty and charm by flawlessly mixing tradition and contemporary features.

Creating Unforgettable Masterpieces: Embracing Bali’s Rich Legacy

We aspire to transform the landscape of event planning by unrelenting attention to creativity, expertise, and sustainability, ensuring that every occasion we touch becomes an unforgettable masterpiece, representing the spirit of Bali in its most fascinating form.

Bali Group Organizer’s Journey: From Travel Agency to MICE Pioneer

Welcome to Bali Group Organizer, a company with a long history of success. On April 1, 1998, a group of creative young entrepreneurs joined together to form a company that would transform the landscape of event planning on the enthralling island of Bali. Our organization was founded under the banner of PT. Bewish International Tour, with a firm dedication to innovation and service.

Innovation Meets Tradition: Crafting Extraordinary Event Experiences

PT. Bewish International Tour began as a travel agency catering solely to Japanese clientele, the dominant market source at the time. As Bali’s tourism industry grew and demand for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions (MICE) services increased, a hole emerged: the need for a capable and dependable body to oversee the expanding MICE market. Recognizing this void, Bali Group Organizer was introduced in 2000, ushering in a new era of group event services.

Bali Group Organizer has grown into an industry veteran because of years of experience in hospitality and tourism. Our progress demonstrates our unwavering dedication to excellence, adaptability, and being in sync with the industry’s ever-changing expectations. We take pleasure in our journey and the fantastic experiences we produce, from our humble origins as a travel agent to our current position as a trailblazing event planning powerhouse.

Our history is entwined with the emergence of Bali as a leading worldwide destination. And also, our legacy is inscribed in our ability to exceed expectations and redefine event experiences. Join us on this extraordinary trip, where innovation meets tradition and every event becomes a work of art of creativity and authenticity.

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Message from Director

A happy welcome from Pulau Bali (Bali Island), a paradise island that serves as the home base for the Bali Group Organizer. I am delighted to greet you on our Bali Group Organizer website. Furthermore, you will find our comprehensive choice of group services highly competent and dependable for your group events in Bali. When you choose one of our first-class group services, we assure you of the best service available from our skilled MICE Team up to your group’s departure from Bali.

Your Bali Group Organizer Experience: Creating Unforgettable Memorie

Our goal is to make your group’s vacation to Bali as enjoyable as possible in terms of both business and leisure. As a result, when your party returns home, they will have many pleasant memories of our beautiful Island and its kind people.

The memories they bring back with them are the main reason they want to return to Bali as soon as possible. Furthermore, Bali Group Organizer and our highly experienced staff are entirely committed to making your group vacations unforgettable. We handle each activity professionally, with good performance and as little bother as possible, so that when they return to Bali, they will choose Bali Group Organizer as their chosen event organizer.

Lastly, we hope you enjoy your work or pleasure time with us. Our entire staff will be delighted to greet you and your group.

Best Regards,










Planner Latest Team

Discover Bali Group Organizer’s excellent services! Our skilled planners are dedicated to creating exceptional group experiences in Bali’s gorgeous landscapes, with an unrelenting commitment to excellence. Our team’s attention to detail and local knowledge provide a faultless and immersive journey for every group, from seamless event organizing to tailor-made tours. Trust Bali Group Organizer to take your group’s trip to the next level and leave you with unforgettable memories of this tropical paradise.

Our Working Process

The event planning process at Bali Group Organizer is a symphony of accuracy, creativity, and immaculate execution. We comprehend your goal by beginning with client collaboration. Following that, our skilled team thoroughly crafts every aspect. Finally, we flawlessly bring your event to life, transforming ideas into engaging reality and delivering an unforgettable experience.

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