Bali Group References 2013

Bali Group References 2013

Bali Group References 2013 Showcases Group Experiences Handled by Bali Group Organizer

Bali Group References 2013 presents the list of group event experiences handled by Bali Group Organizer within 2013. This group reference indicates the big trusts for our company to organize the group event on this island of god. Furthermore, Bali Group Organizer is the best event organizer in Bali Island provides comprehensive ranges of event services such as incentive group, meetings, conferences, seminar, exhibition, CSR, team building until the event supports. We showcase our group experiences during 2013 and all come out with a satisfactory level. It is because we have put our top integrity and commitments into our bests services to make every single group event successfully. Meanwhile, our professional teams have experienced in all event field to support every group event to achieve the goals.

List of Bali Group References 2013

Stamford International School Bandung

Stamford International School Bandung, Bali Education Trip, Group Event, Exchange Student, School Visit, Group Photo, Student, Bali

Stamford International School Bandung is an international school based on west java. It has brought their students to come to Bali for education, social and sightseeing trips. And also, they have appointed Bali Group Organizer as a local ground event organizer on their trips to Bali. Therefore, we have designed an exclusive program for them and accommodate them into the exciting school trip programs such as sightseeing, team building, cooking class, rafting, and Waterbom Park. Furthermore…

Fondaco Singapore – Bali Cycling Treasure Hunt Rafting Adventures

Fondaco, Fondaco International, Group Event, Team Building, Treasure Hunt Game, Games, Fun Games, Education Games, Treasure Hunt with Cycling, Bali

Fondaco Singapore is one of the leading dental equipment manufactures found in 1984 in Singapore. The staff comes to Bali on 25 – 27 October 2013 together with 23 staff for vacation while enjoying the fantastic team building. The group arrive on 25 October 2013 and come directly to the private villa in Seminyak Bali. Afterward, they continue for private BBQ in 5 Bedrooms Villa. Meanwhile, they love the exciting Bali Cycling Treasure Hunt Games and Rafting Adventure. Furthermore…

Asia Pacific Dentist Student Association – Balinese Culture Team Building

Asia Pacific Dentist Student Association

APDSA (Asia Pacific Dentist Student Association) is a student group from the favorite university in the Asia Pacific. They came from a dentist program and regularly join a conference in each country. Meanwhile, Indonesia University has a chance to host them and become a committee to conduct the annual conference in Bali. And also, there are several agendas have been assigned to fulfill the meeting program. It covers one-day outbound to motivate, struggle and understanding about teamwork. Furthermore…

PT Soho Indonesia – Kuta Bali Beach Team Building

Soho Indonesia, Beach Team Building, Team Building, Buldozer Wheel Games, Buldozer, Beach, Beach Games, Fun Games, Education Games, Games, Beach, Bali

PT. Soho Indonesia is a domestic pharmacy agency located in Jakarta with 16 staff comes to Bali to enjoy their vacation. And also, they have joined a team building activity as a favorite activity during their visit. Our Company has been appointed to organize the exclusive team building executed on the beach with great challenges and create strong and solid teamwork. Furthermore…

TNT Express Kick Off 2013 – Bali Meeting Team Building Trips

TNT, TNT Express Indonesia, Bali Group Photo, Bali Group Organizer, Costume, Balinese Costume, Kecak Dance, Balinese Dance, Dance Practice, Dance Performance, Bali

Our Bali Group  References 2013 is starting to handle TNT Express group. It is one of the leading delivery service companies in the world including in Indonesia. They have a great staff gathering event on the theme of Bali Kick Off 2013 on 13 – 15 December 2012. There are 90 people has joined the TNT Express Kick Off program in Bali and Bali Group Organizer which is previously under Bali Star Island has been appointed as an event organizer to arrange the entire group program in this island of God. Furthermore…

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