Bali Group References 2012

Bali Group References 2012

Bali Group References 2012 – All Group Experiences Handled by Bali Group Organizer

Bali Group References 2012 is a list of group experiences handled by Bali Group Organizer within 2012. These group references are coming in front of the experiences of group event handling in January 2012. As one of the best event organizers in Bali, we provide a comprehensive range of event services with top integrity and the best services for all our clients. Furthermore, the majority of our groups are coming from incentive groups from several companies. Most of them are coming from Asian Countries including Indonesia. Meanwhile, Bali Group Organizer is a reliable event planner on this island. We provide a high commitment to transform all events successfully with 100% satisfaction. With this perfect reputation, we have performed all group events in 2012 successfully and run smoothly.

List of Bali Group References 2012

Danish Red Cross – Bali Beach Team Building

Danish Red Cross, Bali Beach Team Building, Team Building, Water Tower Games, Fun Games, Education Games, Sanur Beach, Beach, Bali

Palang Merah Indonesia – Denmark or Danish Red Cross come with 23 people to Bali for holidays. And also, joined our beach team building program on the beach at Tanjung Benoa, Bali’s Water Sports Center in Bali. Bali Group Organizer previously under Bali Star Island has been appointed to conduct this exciting activity. Our games take them for full challenges, fun and memorable. Furthermore…

Aerowisata Sanur Beach Hotel Management Family Gathering

Sanur Beach Hotel

Aerowisata Sanur Beach Hotel is a five-star hotel situated in the golden sand of Sanur Bali and set amidst luxury resorts, coconuts trees, and friendly villagers. The management team of Sanur Beach Hotel has done a management family gatherings in Bedugul. This event has run on 11 December 2012 and all success. Meanwhile, the teams are happy to enjoy both activities. Furthermore…

HSBC Bank Jakarta Indonesia – Bali CSR Programs

HSBC Bank, Jakarta, Group Photo

HSBC Jakarta is one of the biggest foreign banks set in the capital city of Indonesia. They have appointed Bali Group Organizer previously under Bali Star Island to arrange all the group arrangements including hotels, outdoor activities, CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility, rafting, sightseeing, meals and flight ticket. We have designed an exclusive group program combining leisure, training and socializing those are all giving fantastic experiences. Furthermore…

Dorairaj Malaysian Group – Bali Garden Team Building

Dorairaj Malaysian, Balloon Transfer, Bali, Garden, Team Building

Dorairaj Group from Malaysia has joined our team building program for the entire staff when they go on a vacation to Bali. We provide an exciting garden team-building with fantastic games to encourage them to build solid and strong teamwork. The games run fantastic and the group participants look very enthusiastic and enjoy the game. The event was executed in Botanical Garden, Bedugul Bali. Furthermore…

Japanese Group Kitagawa Pty – Bali Yogyakarta Tours

Japanese Group, Kitagawa, Bali Yogyakarta Tours

Japanese Group Kitagawa from Japan with 45 people has visited Bali and Yogyakarta. Both destinations are favourite destinations and are led by Mr Kitagawa. Our Japanese Staff, (Ms Nobuko Stukui ) has arranged comprehensive group programs for them. The group arrive on 23 June 2012 and fly back on 26 June 2012. And also, they have great experiences to visit Yogyakarta to discover Borobudur and Prambanan Temple. Furthermore…

Deutsche Bank – Cycling Treasure Hunt Team Building

Cycling Treasure Hunt, Deutsche Bank, Bali, Cycling, Treasure Hunt, Break Time

Deutsche Bank is one of the biggest foreign banks based in Jakarta and experienced our fantastic Cycling Treasure Hunt Team Building. They have explored the Balinese rural and rice field through Ubud Bali. There are 30 people joining this exciting cycling treasure hunt team-building program to paddle the mountain hike through the pure nature of Ubud. Furthermore…

Pertamina Hulu Energi – Bali WMO Team Building

Pertamina Hulu Energi, Bali, Meeting Program

PT. Pertamina is the biggest gas and oil production company in Indonesia. It has many branch companies spread out in Indonesia in particular oil exploration. The Pertamina Hulu Energi West Madura Offshore (PHE – WMO) is one of the leading Pertamina companies. They have appointed our company to arrange the staff gathering trip to Bali with 37 participants. Furthermore…

PT. Aida Indonesia – Bali Beach Team Building

Aida Indonesia, Save Holy Water, Bali, Beach Team Building

AIDA is a Japanese-based company dealing with the metal forming industry located in Japan as the foremost manufacturer of metal forming systems, particularly mechanical presses. The branch company in Indonesia is called PT. AIDA INDONESIA based in Jakarta. They sent their staff to Bali for vacation while doing beach team-building activities. We have provides an exciting beach team building in Kuta. Furthermore…

Fortinet Bali Trips – Rafting Team Building

Fortinet, Stepping Mat Games, Bali, Garden Team Building

Fortinet Pte Ltd is one of our customers who has joined our exciting program of team building combined with rafting and sightseeing. It was a fantastic group program with 31 participants mostly comes from the Asian-Pacific. The group was having fun games led by our game master completing several selected games on the team-building program continued with the exciting experience on the beautiful Ayung River in Ubud for Rafting Adventure and completed by sightseeing to visit Tanah Lot. Furthermore…

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