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Bali Group Organizer is glad to provide Bali Event Organizer Services and Products with high-quality standard and customer satisfactory level. Furthermore, we do each event through well-planning managements, dedicated teams and supporters as well as strong and tough implementations on every event on time. And also, we committed to providing our best quality services to perform every group arrangements inefficiently, effectiveness, excellent, flexible and satisfactions. Furthermore, Bali Group Organizer is your reliable event organizer company. We offer the comprehensive ranges of Bali Event Organizer Services and Products include meetings, incentives, team building, outbound activities, educations trips, unique tours, special events, function and entertainment etc.

Services and Products


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Bali Group Organizer is proud to arrange your group meetings and conferences with our quality services. And also, we commit to perform the meeting and conference programs in excellent implementation. It is supported by our professional teams, strong leadership and high commitments to ensure your group events run smoothly. See more.


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We are delighted to arrange the group from the corporate, companies or any organizations. Our attractive and innovative activities supported by professional teams as we ll as well trained supporters. It is a key to perform the excellent works and execute the events successfully. We open the new input ideas into tailor-made programs to meet the above expectations. See more.


We have been experienced to arrange the group outbound activities as well as team-building programs to bring your group participants into the exciting experiences. We do flexible to design the programs taking from the existing outbound activities and open with new ideas to combine all which finally meet your group satisfactory level. See more.


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We love to design attractive and innovative programs for students who go for educational trips. Furthermore, we will bring them into exciting experiences during their visit to Bali. We always consider and select the best activities for them along with the vacation on this island that obtaining something to learn, recognize, understanding and familiarize to the new that they never did. See more.


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We organize and arrange your golf tournaments at the best-selected golf courses in Bali Island with professional and well-trained supporter teams. And also, we open with your ideas to select the tournaments style to fit the golfer’s needs as well as other arrangements to meet all operation run smoothly. See more.


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We are proud to provide golf tournament services at the best golf courses in Bali with various style of games. Bali is well featured by a luxury golf course with 18 holes situated around the island with great challenges for every golfer. We make your golf tournament event successfully supported by a professional and experienced team including luxury facilities on each golf course. See more.


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As a reliable event organizer, Bali Group Organizer is proud to arrange the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Our CSR programs are taking you into the proper sites. These programs have the targeted assistant, interactive with the local community and understand them, sharing knowledge and much more. We do flexible to design CSR programs to accommodate the group visit objective to meet all satisfactory level. See more.


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Bali Group Organizer is delighted to arrange the sport events in Bali Island with International, national either corporate or organization level. We open for communication and sharing the ideas to build as well as design the sport event. And also, we work efficiently and effectively to ensure each participant will feel comfortable in their competition. See Furthermore.


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We are happy to design the exclusive tours behind the usual tour arrangements that other tour companies offer. We will bring the group participants into the exciting experiences to see the deep of Balinese people life as well as local cultures and their fundamental social life. Our professional tour guide is outstanding offer you with friendly services and see more.


Nusa Dua Fiesta 2019 , Bali culture event

We provide comprehensive ranges of entertainments includes music, dances, magician, fireworks, sky lantern, LED balloon and more. And also we provide special decors and other dinner functions that will make your group event successfully. Bali Group Organizer do flexible and open to get the ideas to design your group event to meet all satisfaction. See more.


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Bali Incentive Trip Programs

We design your group tour arrangements to discover the famous places of interest in Bali Island. Moreover, we can discover other regions in Indonesia. Also, we design the appropriate tour itinerary to visit the interesting points, historical sites and local cultures with daily social life on the way of your trips. And also, the tailor-made tours are welcomed and see more.


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We arrange your group adventures with exciting activities such as River Rafting, Cycling, Trekking, Cruises, ATV and Buggy Riding, Horse Riding, Sumatra’s Elephant Safaris, Marine Sports, Diving, Snorkeling, Paint Ball, Flying Fox or enjoy the water park. We are welcome the ideas to combine them into exclusive packages to meet group satisfactions. See more.


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It is an exclusive service among other Bali Event Organizer Services and Products. It will take you to get speedy access passing through the immigration counter and luggage clearance. This service will get you fast coming down from your flight door and passing the registration at the immigration counter. And also, it avoids boring queues that will reach your car immediately. It is also available to checkout VIP service and Furthermore.


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We are glad to arrange your exhibitions in Bali and compatible with the standard services. Moreover, we also offer the tailors made style to make more attractive and innovate to invite the guest desire to visit. We work with professional vendor event supporters to build beautiful booths. And also, we offer layout of exhibitions to meet your client’s satisfactory level. Furthermore.


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Our transportation is MUV (multiple Utility Vehicle) comfortable designed with full air-conditioning, good body suspension, elegant interiors as well as a safe driver. And also, for the cases of big events that need many vehicles, we have done well cooperation with other reliable transportation companies to support your group event successfully. Furthermore.


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Our Bali Event Organizer Services and Products also offer souvenirs and gifts for your group participants. We are providing the selection of handmade souvenirs and gifts either printing or machine combining with your logos, themes, etc. Furthermore, these services are available when the final booking is made as well as payments. Furthermore.


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We glad to offer domestic and international flight ticket with competitive prices, especially for your groups. We do cooperation with several airfare companies to provide the best flight for your travels within Indonesia either abroad. Furthermore.


Bali event organizer service products

Bali Island provides plenty of hotels, resorts, villas or small accommodations. You can select one of them for your group accommodation during holidays on this island. Moreover, we provide competitive hotel rates compare with the hotel services, benefits, facilities and location. We are also expert to recommend the best places to stay in Bali and see Furthermore.

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Bali event organizer Services and Products

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