Event Permits Policy

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The permits is required to hold an event in Bali

Bali Event Permits are the legal permits must be applied when holding the group events in Bali those are applied to the related local government or community leader. Indonesia is a sovereign country has the rules and laws to regulate all activities of the people who live in this country. The rules might be different based on the region that we do the activities therefore every event activity conducted in this country, it must obtain the permits from the related government, department or organization. Bali Group Organizer is glad to assist you to arrange all event permits for those event arrangements done through us and this permit is absolutely required to legalize your event in Bali. We do not arrange any event permit behind of our arrangements or via other vendors or direct arranged by your self.

Bali Event Permits Policy

  • Every group event must be completed the event permits from the respective governments, department, organization or personal.
  • The event permit must be arranged in advance before the events are executed.
  • The type of event permit is depended on what scale of your event conducted on the respective venues.
  • Additional fees are required to obtain the event permit with uncertain nominal depended on where you will conduct the events, how big the event scale, purpose of event, etc.
  • The normal scope of event permit in Indonesia in particular Bali is the local community organization (Banjar), village, Sub district, Regency, Governor, Police, army, ministry until president. This scope is not covering all events but it will be depended on scale of your events.

Additional Requirements 

  • The arrangement of event permit is depended on:
    • Scale of your event
    • Purpose of your event
    • Participant of group event
  • Not all events are getting permit which is depended on the certain circumstance and reason.
  • No one can conduct the event without obtaining the event permit.
  • Customer able to arrange the official permit from the respective official to support their event based on the terms and conditions required
  • Bali Group Organizer will assist the customer to arrange the event permit when dealing the group arrangements with us with terms and conditions are required

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