Group References 2018

Group References 2018

Group References 2018 Legitimate Bali Group Organizer as Expert Event Planner

Our group reference 2018 has provided evidence and legitimized Bali Group Organizer as the best event planner on the island of Bali. All group events that we handle during 2018 have been successful, run smoothly and provide satisfaction for all our customers. Furthermore, you can see companies or organizations that have joined our program on this page. They have given us the confidence to organize their group events while in Bali. On the other hand, we have provided our best services supported by staff and event supporters so that all group events run smoothly. This is because customer satisfaction is the top objective that reminds us of this one year of work.

Group References 2018

The Lawn Canggu Beach Team Building Experience

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The Lawn Canggu is a bar on Canggu beach with employees of more than 150 people. They have appointed Bali Group Organizer as an event planner to arrange beach team building activities. This activity has been full of fun and smoothly in the context of their company’s anniversary. Also, they have joined the game which is exciting to build strong and solid teamwork. Let’s check and see their excitement. Learn more.

Google Pay Asia – Bali Incentive Trips

google pay logo

Google Pay Asia has given full trust to the Bali Group Organizer to organize their group events during an incentive trip to Bali. We have designed an inclusive agenda for them to fill the event while they are in Bali. Besides that, our excellent service ranging from pick-up, outdoor activities and gala dinner events made them very satisfied. In addition, we have provided 3 types of exciting and impressive outdoor activities including ATV rides, water sports, and VW Safari treasure hunt. Learn more.

PT Danareksa Investment Management – Bali VW Safari

vw safari, treasure hunt, vw safari treasure hunt, team building, danareksa, danareksa investment management

PT Danareksa Investment Management is our customer who uses our services in the Bali VW Safari Treasure Hunt. We have designed the activity and brought them to enjoy the sensation of the convoy by using the legendary Volkswagen car. On the other hand, we have prepared various kinds of games that challenge them to fight in a strong team. Also, they have been able to complete all the missions that we have given. All of them provided a touching impression for all participants. Learn more.

Medan Independent School – Bali Student Tours

mis, medan independent school, bali student tours, education trips

Medan Independent School is an international school based in Medan city and has sent students to Bali for Bali Student Tours activities. Furthermore, we have designed the whole agenda perfectly. So that all students can enjoy the whole program with pleasure and enthusiasm. Because all the activities that we designed were very exciting and provided many memories. Learn more.

Oentoeng Suria Experience Beach Team Building

beach team building, team building, oentoeng suria

PT Oentoeng Suria Group is one of our customers and comes with staff for incentive trips. They have joined our beach team building activities on Kuta beach. This activity that we have designed perfectly provides an amazing experience. They were very enthusiastic in this activity even though the weather was a bit hot. However, they still aim for strong and solid teamwork, so that the mission of this activity can run smoothly. Learn more.

Surabaya Intercultural School Experience on Bali Education Trips

surabaya intercultural school, sis, bali education trips, bali student tours

Students from the Surabaya Intercultural School together with 26 students and 3 teachers have joined the Bali education trips. We have guided them and arranged the program carefully so that everything can run smoothly. And also, they can enjoy the trip and provide an amazing experience. Unique activities and involving them in all activities have given them a lot of experience in Bali. Learn more.

Deutsche Bank Jakarta Uluwatu Expedition

deutsche bank, deutsche bank jakarta, bali vw safari, vw safari treasure hunt, uluwatu expedition, second trip experience

This is an extraordinary and unique experience. This trip is the second trip to Bali which was previously held in 2012. This time, we have provided an exciting experience with the theme of the Uluwatu Expedition VW Safari Treasure Hunt. So, this is truly an experience that gives a deep impression where they have joined team building activities while exploring dry limestone forests by driving the legendary Volkswagen. The event, which is guided by our master games, has delivered them to interesting places and watching the Kecak dance in Uluwatu. Learn more.

Mastercard Asia Exciting on Beach Team Building

beach team building, team building, bali beach team building, group references, mastercard

Mastercard Asia also trusts us as one of the event planners in Bali to provide team beach team building activities. This activity took place on August 2, 2018, at a white sand beach in Nusa Dua, Bali. They are satisfied with our services that have aroused togetherness, teamwork, and communication with their colleagues who come from various countries in Asia. Meanwhile, this beach team building took place in the afternoon after the meeting. Learn more.

Thuasne Group Ubud Cycling Experience

ubud, cycling, adventure, ubud cycling, cycling adventure, thuasne group

Thuasne Group has experience cycling in Ubud to explore beautiful nature with views of green rice fields. This experience was very extraordinary where they cycled with their colleagues and family. This Ubud Cycling activity is a perfect choice of activities where they can explore rice fields and villages as well as see Balinese culture directly. And also, they can visit the city of Ubud to see Ubud palaces and traditional art markets. This adventure activity ends with dinner at a restaurant in Ubud and transfers back to the hotel. Learn more.

Forest Indo Niaga – Beach Team Building Experience

forest indo niaga, beach team building, team building

Forest Indo Niaga Group has come to Bali with 31 participants to enjoy a holiday on this island of the gods. They have appointed us to provide beach team building activities on a remote beach on the island. In addition, we provide a variety of games to enhance cooperation, communication, togetherness and struggle in global competition. Tug of war games are the highlight of this activity and give them many memories. Learn more…

AON Benfield Experienced Beach Team Building and CSR

aon benfield, bali beach team building, aon benfield bali

AON Benfield is a world-class insurance company based in the UK that has held a business trip to Bali. During this visit, they joined a beach team building activity on a beautiful beach in Nusa Dua. This fun outdoor activity has been wrapped in exciting games in a beach team building program with experienced instructors. We have successfully built a team together and they are very enthusiastic in every game we give. Similarly, they also held CSR activities in the form of submitting donations to abandoned children from an orphanage in Bali. Learn more.

Asahi Intecc Bali Meeting – Incentive Trip

asahi, asahi intecc, asahi intecc group

ASAHI INTECC is Japanese company produces ultra-fine stainless steel wire ropes for medical and industrial use. It is one of Bali Group Organizer’s clients who have successfully on Bali Meeting and Incentive Trip. Furthermore, their experiences have been extended with beach team building and gala dinner on the beach at the Westin Resort – Nusa Dua. Furthermore.

AT Kearney Group Enjoyed Beach Activities

bali beach activity, kearney, at kearney, kearney group

A.T. Kearney Pte Ltd is an American global management consulting firm and has appointed Bali Group Organizer to arrange the beach activities. We have taken them to enjoy the fantastic water sport and beach activities. Parts of group participant have taken a turtle island tour using a glass-bottom boat to discover the turtle conservation. Furthermore…

Jeneration Capital Management

jeneration capital, capital management, jeneration capital management, bali, bali incentive trips, incentive trips

Jeneration Capital Management is one of our customers who come with 17 managers for an incentive trip to Bali. They have enjoyed the exciting adventure activities in one day include rafting and ATV Ride. Both activities are very fantastic with great challenges to explore beautiful natures. Rafting is one of the popular rafting adventures in Bali. Therefore, we have taken them to explore the beautiful river with 2 – 3 rapids level within 2 hours. Furthermore.

SimCorp Group – Bali Corporate Meeting

bali meeting, bali day meeting, simcorp, simcorp group

SimCorp is a leading provider of investment management software solutions for the world’s leading financial organizations. It is one of our customers who went to Bali for a corporate meeting with 31 managers from all over the world. Bali Group Organizer has arranged the whole group meeting activities includes pick-up transfer, manage meeting agendas, dinner, transportation, and team building. Furthermore.

J&T Express – Beach Team Building

J&T Express, express group, bal, beach team building

J&T Express is one of the popular expedition and delivery companies who have experienced beach team building activity at Kuta Beach. On this stage, our customers from J&T Express in Jakarta come with 20 people to Bali for incentive trip handled by JW Travel. Bali Group Organizer is proud to provide our beach team building for them on a beautiful beach of Kuta. Our beach team building has taken them to build strong and solid teamwork. Furthermore.

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