Livit – Bali Cycling Treasure Hunt Garden Team Building

Livit – Bali Cycling Treasure Hunt Garden Team Building

Livit Experiences Bali Cycling Treasure Hunt Garden Team Building

Livit is one of our client who join Bali Treasure Hunt Cycling Garden Team Building activities together with their 30 staff including top level management. Their Bali Treasure Hunt Cycling Garden Team Building activities those are designed by Bali Group Organizer. The activities have been started when all participant’s arrived at Cycling starting point near Petang Village. It was very impressive and exciting since most of the participant are well on bike riding and explore  the pure natures along the tropical track. The trips explored the rice field, beautiful Balinese Village and stop over at the restaurant for enjoying buffet lunch.

07 October 2016

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We have set some of clues along the route that must be break by all participant that have been divided into 4 teams to find the next stop point and break all the team building challenge. All the clue will be drive the participant to find the treasure hunt key and at the finish point, that key will be open the treasure hunt box. It was great adventure and giving much memory and experiences as well as able to create a great motivation of teamwork that the Livit look for. In addition, this group event is one of our customer’s experiences for your reference before using our event services.

Livit Group

Livit is a Tech Startup Ecosystem that builds in-house innovative and game-changing technology companies based on the Startup Studio model. We provide specialist resources, business knowledge, creativity and inspiring spaces to our startups. Our startups are at the core of our business and everything we do is aimed at making their daily life easier so they can focus on building amazing products and growing their businesses. All of our startups are passion projects. We believe in making the world a better place by making great products available to all and to inspire and empower entrepreneurship. Livit is more than a Startup Studio and a company that builds startups; we are a community and a culture. And we believe in the future of entrepreneurship.

Bali Cycling Treasure Hunt Garden Team Building

Bali Cycling Treasure Hunt Garden Team Building is one of the exciting games of Team Building Activities. There are designed tailor made to accommodate with the company trip’s theme. This activity is well designed to combine between Balinese Village Cycling Adventures and Treasure Hunt Games and Garden Team Building. That force the group participant to collect the wonderful village scenery of Bongkasa village. The Cycling experience might be more exciting, because along the track the participants could see the green tropical plantation and rice field that organize by the local society in Bongkasa village. That will be a great trip and they must looking for the treasure hunt clue. It is set along the road and accompanied by any interesting and fun challenge for them to break.

Ice Breaking Session

After arrived at Cycling Treasure Hunt Garden Team Building. All participant will enjoying coffee break with Balinese  and than 3 ice breaking games. There are Samurai Imagination, Pearl in Shell and Sit on Circle.

Cycling Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt games will starting by reading the clue and start to explore Balinese village and rice field panorama. Read carefully all the clue and then finish all games. That have been set in the break point point to get maximum score and winning the games.


Buffet lunch will be serve at local restaurant after joining Cyling Treasure Hunt Team Building. Indonesian buffet menu is our menu today and green tropical plantation will be our mood booster after passing 12 kilometers cycling track.

Garden Team Building

Amazing race garden team building is our last session while joining Cycling Treasure Hunt Team Building. There are 4 challenging games such as Crazy Ball, Bulldozer Wheel, Stepping Mat, Balloon Transfer. 2 Olympic games also set on the garden such as Toxic Waste and Hole in one.

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