Hotelbeds – Bali Beach Team Building

Hotelbeds – Bali Beach Team Building

Hotelbeds Experiences Bali Beach Team Building

Hotelbeds is one of our value clients with 27 staff have joined and experienced Bali Beach Team Building. They are a global travel distributor of accommodation and ancillary products to the world’s travel trade. Bali Group Organizer have successfully provided the exciting experiences of Beach Team Building activity for them. Beach Team Building Activity has absolutely made the participants really happy. The majority of the participants are young people and met with our team building activities those are designed exciting, challenging, learning and safety. During their trip to Bali, we have provided our best quality services to make the the activities run smoothly and successfully. This group event is one of our customer’s experiences and become group references for your consideration before using our services.

16 June 2016

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Hotelbeds – Bali Beach Team Building

It was very fantastic experience when the group join Beach Team Building Activities held at Sakala Hotel Beach, Tanjung Benoa. The weather was very clear with long white sandy beach. We have conducted 8 games on Beach Team Building those are totally fun, educate and safety. Our Team Building Programs for Hotelbeds are well designed to encourage the group participant to learn by doing, improve the communication skill, leadership, discipline, self confidence and much more to build the solid and strong teamwork to improve the productivity to achieve the goals. As usual, we provide three phase game session those are includes Ice Breaking, Competition Race and Olympic Phase. You can discover the most beautiful moment of the activities on Beach Team Building through below photo gallery.


Hotelbeds Photos on Bali Beach Team Building

Beach Team Building

Beach Team Building is a game activities that reflected in form of cooperation within the team. The elements of this cooperation are mutual support, unity, respect, one heart, one soul, compliment and strengthen, as well as compact. Beach Team Building has 3 Session

Ice Breaking Session

Amazing Race Games

After warming up, we start with the amazing race games that encourage them into the exciting fun games in full of challenges to grab their speedy, efficiency work, communication and making the solid teamwork on Bali Incentive Programs and set 5 Games there are Hula Hoop Transfer, Stepping Mat, Crazy Ball,  and Bulldozer Wheel.

Olympic Game Phase

We provide full challenges in Olympic Game Session with 3 different of fun games that force to use their brain, communication skills, strong teamwork, strategy and leadership to win in every game we set. 3 games on this session are Toxic Waste, Save Holy Water and Water Tower.

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