British International School Manila – Bali Student Tours

British International School Manila – Bali Student Tours

British International School Manila Experience on Bali Student Tours

British International School Manila is an International School in Philippine and they are one of our value clients to go for Bali Student Tours. The fascinating student tour program designed by Bali Group Organizer for 51 students and 6 teachers. We have designed the attractive student trip activities include with Balinese local culture, environment adaptability, adventures, cooking class, and sightseeing. In order to give the great tour experienced, we gave our best quality service since the arrival date. We picked them up at Ngurah Rai International Airport, and then escort them to Hotel. During their trips in this island of god we provided our best quality services. In order to serve them in comfort and professional manner. It is one of our customer’s experiences that arranged successfully and it is also become our group references. This group reference in Bali Student Tours could be your consideration to use our services.


14 – 21 May 2016

British International School Manila – Bali Student Tours

Day 01 – Arrival at Ngurah Rai International Airport + Waterbom + Kecak and Fire Dance

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We gave the participants our best quality service from the first day. After that We took our team to escort the participants from Ngurah Rai International Airport to Hotel safety. Great tour arrangement made by our team made the participants really happy. After the check in process in Hotel, we escorted them to Waterbom Kuta. Waterbom Kuta is one place of interest in Bali. The student were really happy played with water there. That was a great first impression for them, visited waterbom wasn’t only for playing with water. We escorted them to Waterbom for refresh themselves from the long trip to Bali. All of the participants look so happy and really fresh along they were in Waterbom. Our team provided their lunch inside of Waterbom area in order to improve their fun and happiness while playing with water.

After the lunch time we gave an announcement for the participants tell prepare themselves back to Hotel. The next trip for them was tour to Uluwatu Temple. The trip to Uluwatu arranged not only for visiting that one of Unique Temple in Bali. We also gave our professional guide to give every important information about this Temple to the participants. All of the participants that consisted of students and teacher really enjoying every information that gave by the Guide. After exploring Uluwatu temple and enjoying the great scenery of this Temple, our team direct them into the Kecak and Fire dance show. This dance is one of most popular tourist attraction in Uluwatu temple. All of the participants was look really interesting with the show. Next we escorted them to have a great dinner experience in Jimbaran beach area.

Day 01 – Photo Gallery

Day 02 – Exploring Jatiluwih Rice Terrace + Visiting Gitgit Waterfall

rice terrace, rice paddyOn the following day, we arranged an exciting trip for them. We gave them a true nature experience, all of the participants escorted to Jatiluwih rice terrace. Jatiluwih rice terrace is one most famous place of interest in Bali that dedicated by UNESCO as a World Nature Heritage. The journey started there, we gave our professional team to accompanied the participants along their trekking trip. That was an exciting trekking track, all of the participants enjoyed it. We also gave our professional tour guide for explaining about every important information about Jatiluwih. That’s being a good combination of adventure and learning activities for them. The next destination for the participants is Gitgit waterfall. We went to Gitgit waterfall after the lunch time at the local restaurant in Jatiluwih area.

Gitgit waterfall is one of tourist destination in north of Bali. After arrive in Gitgit waterfall area, we suddenly walk to find that beautiful waterfall. All of the participants enjoyed the short trekking to find Gitgit waterfall. After find the wonderful waterfall in North Bali, then the participants suddenly come closer to the waterfall. The fresh scenery of course made the participants would like to play with water. Finally we continue our trip to Lovina for checking in at hotel in Lovina area.

Day 02 – Photo Gallery

Day 03 – Dolphin Watching + School Visit + Ulundanu Temple and Tanah Lot Tour

British, school, manila, international, international school, british international school manila, bali, student, tour, student tour, school, visit, school visit, sukasada, group, photoIn this day, we started our trip early morning. We arranged an exciting trip to watch dolphin in Lovina beach. Before we started our journey to watch the dolphin, we gathering all of the participants and went together using a traditional boat. First we saw the dolphin line up besides our boat. The boatmen move the boat well. During the trip for finding dolphin, we also gave our team to accompanied the participants. Finally We back to Hotel for having breakfast. After breakfast we announced the participants to prepare themselves, because will we check out from the Hotel and went to the next destination. We continue our trip to visit a senior high school.

In this senior high school we gave a chance to the participants for looking the studying process. We also gave a chance for them to explore the school area, accompanied by the student there. We went to the strawberry farm that organize by the local society near of the school. In this farm the participants could to pick strawberry directly. After visiting one of local senior high school in Bali, we went to Ulundanu Temple.

Ulundanu Temple is one of most famous tourist destination in Bali. Before we explored this temple, we went to local restaurant first. We explored the Ulundanu temple, and enjoy the great atmosphere in the Temple area. The last destination of this trip is Tanah lot. Tanah lot is one of the tourist destination in Bali. This place has a unique point, that’s a temple that situated on a rock. The participants were able to watch Sunset from Tanah Lot area. Wonderful sunset view from Tanah Lot area, closed our trip today. We went to ave dinner and back to Hotel in Tuban area.

Day 03 – Photo Gallery

Day 04 – Surf Lesson + Cooking Class

British, school, manila, international, international school, british international school manila, bali, student, tour, student tour, surfing photo, surf lessonThis was the forth day trip. We gave special tour arrangement for the participants. We started our trip to go to Kuta Beach for having Surf lesson. The participants really exciting for joining surf lesson in Kuta beach. Before they started for surfing, our team with professional surf trainer gave them trainee section. After the training section, suddenly the participants move to the Beach. That of course accompanied by the professional surf trainer. Next we escorted the participants to go to the restaurant for having lunch in Seminyak area. After lunch we move to Canggu village for joining in cooking class. Before join in the cooking class, the participants escorted to the traditional market. The participants look so exciting when the chef escort them to visit the traditional market.

The chef introduced all of the ingredients that will use on the cooking class. After visiting the traditional market, we move to the Cooking class area. The participants surprising when they arrived. That was a great Barong dance greet them and that also made them excited. The cooking class held at the garden area. That was really great place for having  cooking class.

All of the participants become more interesting when the chef gave them chance to cook. They made Balinese traditional appetizer, main course, and dessert in a team. They look so happy worked in a team. At the end of cooking class, we read the score of every food they made. The judge of this cooking class is their teacher. After the scoring section we gave them to taste all of the food they made. They also had dinner there. That was an exciting dinner atmosphere. All of the participants look so happy and enjoying the trip.

Day 04 – Photo Gallery

Day 05 – Culture Lesson + Visit Goa Gajah

photo, group photoIn this day, we arranged a tour to Gianyar regency. We arranged a culture lesson trip for the participants. The participants could to learn and practice about Balinese dance, gamelan, kite painting, and egg painting. That was really exciting experience for all of the participants. After learning and practicing about Balinese art and culture, we move to have a lunch. After the lunch time we escorted the participants to visit great shopping place. We suddenly move to visit Goa Gajah, this place is one of famous place of interest in Gianyar regency. The participants looks really curious during the trip in Goa gajah. Our tour guide then gave a clear explanation for the participants. We had dinner at the local restaurant there and back to hotel. Despite they had hard running on education trip today nevertheless they look so happy.

Day 05 – Photo Gallery

Day 06 – Visit Tampak Siring Temple + Visit Penelokan and Coffee Plantation + Explore Taman Nusa

British, school, manila, international, international school, british international school manila, bali, student, tour, student tour, dance, taman nusa, welcoming danceFirst destination in this day is Tampak Siring Temple. When we arrived in Tampak Siring Temple we suddenly escort the participants to enter the Temple. They were really exciting during visiting this temple. In this temple all of the participants could to find the purification process. They won’t only able to see, they also able to join in the purification process. We continue our trip to visit Penelokan area. From Penelokan area the participants can to see wonderful scenery of Mount Batur and Batur Lake.The participants were really enjoyed the trip there.

The trip continue to visit the Luwak Coffee Plantation. Here the participants could to see how to make the Luwak Coffee directly. They were also able to taste every kind of coffee and tea product in this place. After visiting the coffee plantation, we continue our trip to explore Taman Nusa. Taman Nusa is a place of interest that situated in Gianyar regency. In this place all of the participants could to learn and see many housing compound from every province in Indonesia. When we arrived at Taman Nusa, all of the participants got a great welcoming dance in the lobby area. After that we continue our trip in Taman Nusa, accompanied by the local tour guide there. During the trip in Taman Nusa, all of the participants look seriously heard the explanation from the guide. We move to Jimbaran area for having dinner after exploring Taman Nusa.

Day 06 – Photo Gallery

Day 07 – Sea Walker + Mangrove Trekking

British, school, manila, international, international school, british international school manila, bali, student, tour, student tour, mangrove, bali, trekking, grou, photo, group photoOn the seventh day, the team Bali Group Organizer provides an incredible journey to the participants. The journey begins with a sea walker in Sanur beach, and then proceed with mangrove trekking. On The programs the participants really enjoyed the last day trip. After that the Participants proceeded to hotel after lunch, the participants were given time to took a free time at Hotel. The participants get a special dinner at the Brazilian restaurant in Jimbaran area. The Dinner atmosphere filled with excitement. The excitement grew when the teachers gave an announcement for regarding the participants who received the title of particular during the holidays. That was really exciting trip for all pupils of the british International School Manila.

Day 07 – Photo Gallery

Day 08 – Check Out

Finally this day was the check out date. We escorted all of the participants from Hotel to the Airport in the morning. We are from Bali Group Organizer would like to say thanks to the British Interantional School Manila for believing us to provide your Student tour program with us.

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