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Medtronic International

Medtronic International Enjoy Bali ATV Riding Treasure Hunt Team Building

Medtronic International is the world’s largest medical technology offering an unprecedented breadth and depth of innovative therapies to fulfill our Mission of alleviating pain, restoring health, and extending life. They are 17 people come to Bali for incentive trips and appointed Bali Group Organizer to arrange Treasure Hunt team Building using ATV Riding. This team building is successfully done with great and exciting experiences to explore the pure natures, juggle, while bushes and Rocky River with great challenges set through the track. Medtronic International is one of our customers that has arranged successfully and it is also become our group references 2014 for your consideration to use our services.


05 July 2014

Medtronic International Group Photos on Bali ATV Riding Treasure Hunt Team Building

Ice Breaking Games

Fun Race Games

After ice breaking, we extended the fun race games to build competition among the group and creat the solid team.

Muddy ATV Track

The treasure hunt games are started to explore the muddy land with ATV Vehicles. It is a fantastic experiences with great challanges.

Jungle Track

It is another step of adventures to explore the pure nature of jungle with slippery track.

River Track

The adventure will not stop at the end of jungle but it was extended to explore small river with wild bushes surround it. Some clues set along the track that each team must locate it.

Break Time

We set the break time in the jungle while enjoy the fresh drink.

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