World Bank President Confirm Bali Host IMF Meeting 2018

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World Bank President Confirm Bali Host IMF Meeting 2018

World Bank President, Jim Yong Kim believes Gunung Agung’s activities in Bali will not significantly affect the IMF-World Bank Annual Meeting 2018. He believes that the IMF-World Bank Annual Meeting 2018 will still run well even though Gunung Agung’s current activity is sufficient high. Despite natural disasters are unpredictable, he considers that the Indonesian government is ready to cope with all kinds of impacts and risks when the natural disasters occur, for example Agung Mount eruption. Therefore, he confirm Bali host IMF meeting this year.

“People will not be able to predict natural disasters, and I’m sure Mr. Luhut and the team will work well to solve this problem,” World Bank President says on Thursday, 5 of July 2018. This statement said when visiting the Garuda Wisnu Kencana. This grand building will be the gala dinner of the IMF-World Bank Annual Meeting event in October 2018. “GWK is very grand, I am sure to bring the entire world leader to relax the night in this place,” Kim says. The luxury of GWK is considered as a prestigious project. It takes a long time to complete this mega project. – BALI NEWS.

Luhut Pandjaitan Convince to Keep Bali Host IMF Meeting 2018

Luhut Pandjaitan ensure the chance of Agung Mount eruption will be very small. Currently, the eruption of Agung Mount is still small, just as it happened to Merapi and Anak Karakatau. According to him, participants of the IMF-WB 2018 saw the condition of Agung Mount is still commonplace. This mount is believed to not erupt as large as in 1963 ago. “According to our prediction, in October the wind will be heading east, and if there is eruption, the wind and cloud will blow east,” he said.

Luhut expect all parties do not have to worry about the condition of this volcano. However, careful vigilance and scrutiny must be improved. “We pray, and we pray for our friends and priest here that this event will run successfully. Because, it will make good for everyone,” he said. Besides visiting Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK). Kim Yong Jim also visited Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center (BNDCC) and Mangrove forest.

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World Bank President, Jim Yong Kim Concerned on Environment

When visiting Mangrove Forest, he has discussed about trash issues. “This is a very fundamental problem, people say that the environment is important for tourism, but more than that,” he said during a visit to Suwung Kauh Mangrove Forest, Denpasar. Kim explained environmental problems, especially waste is also a component of the economy. Speaking in front of medias, Kim briefly disclosed an eco-friendly bio-plastic bag. “Plastic is made from biodegradable material, cassava” he said.

Meanwhile, Luhut Pandjaitan add his statement. “We have evaluated it and we report all the preparations that have been on the right track. There is no pending issue about hotel, evacuation, security, scattered waste and alternative landings in case of disaster, in essence, all we have prepared well,” Luhut said.

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